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How about we tell you a bit about us?

An evening with friends. 1 coupette, 2 coupettes.

We started to remake the world. 3 cups.

We imagine traveling, meeting craftsmen, manufacturing, selling, remanufacturing, shipping.

But we are over 20 years old! We even have them X by more than 2.5 our 20 springs!

Come on, 4 cups! We are going to sleep.

Next morning: no headache, not even the itchy eyes.

Fresh ideas, we say to ourselves: And why not??

"Terres Nomades" had just been born.

So we took the plane, all excited like young girls, saying to each other:

"We'll see. Not even afraid!".

We laughed, we wore our soles in the alleys of Marrakech, we met extraordinary people with fairy fingers, we liked to see the sun set over the red city to the sound of the muezzin.

And it is all these magical moments that we are going to share with you.

Because we are going to leave, find you treasures, find Rachid's smile, hear Samyia call us "the coquettes".

Believe in one's dreams! Go even further, with you, thanks to you.

Come on Champagne!

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